Some people do photo editing for a living while others do as a hobby. Whatever reason you do the photo editing for, you will agree that this is an exciting area to work with. Not just you make a plain and simple image bright, colorful, glamorous and attractive, you enjoy doing so.

Some images come out of the camera with low light. Especially if  you are shooting pictures at night and don’t have professional setup, you might not be happy with the lightings in  your picture. There are some newer model camera cell phones that have simple photo editing features. These phones will allow you to edit the brightness and contrast, resize the photo, do some minor touch-ups etc.

These phones are all good if you are just doing simple edits. If you need to do heavy editing on  your photos, you will need a professional photo editing program. For example, Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is by far the most popular photo editing program out there that are being used by most photo editing and retouching professionals.

If you are a home user and don’t want to pay for adobe Photoshop licensing, you can use a free photo editing program that will do just as good for home use. There are several free photo editing programs out there. One popular image retouching program on the market these days is GIMP.

GIMP is a good tool but being free and not being used by many professionals, there are not many GIMP tutorials out there. This can be a drawback for beginners who just started using it for the first time. However, there are lot of online communities where you can ask for help if you get stucked with any  GIMP photo editing project .

There are lots of video tutorials on practically what to do in editing certain photos. Just do a search for how to edit a photo in Photoshop or how to do clipping path in Photoshop or how to edit ghost mannequin images in photo editing tools, etc. you will find lots of resources out there that will help you do the needed edits.

If you still cant find any help online just by searching, visit some photography and Photoshop forums where you can ask to experts. You will be amazed how many people out there that devote their time and share their skills with others. You will get lots of help from Photoshop online communities in editing your images.

Don’t just take help form others. Share some of your knowledge as well. Once you are familiar with doing few things, share your experience with others as there might be others trying to do exactly same thing you were trying to do.


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